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Welcome to Mobile Movies, before we continue all submissions, in any format, are assumed copyright free and/or permission granted from the relevant bodies/persons. Should you feel there has been any infringments of copyright please inform me and the material will be removed IMPORTANT: There is a possibilty of nakedness and naughty words!like poop
On this site you can download a range of free mp4/3pg movies on to your compatible mobile handset. The movies have been coompressed with the Motorola A835 in mind, but this shouldnt have any effect on the quality of both video and sound should you be using someting differnet, aslong as it can play MP4's
Just a small video clip of my mateshire car 
that we had for a day...made good use of it! 
[USB=4mins BT=1MINS]
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Remember that MTV-ringtones advert?the one 
with a guy dancing round in his pants and 
some hot chicks  
[USB=20mins BT=3mins]
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